Kid's Design Work

Apple Day Flyer


This job involved design and illustration work.

This design doubled as a A3 Poster and A5 flyer.





 Election Flyer


A5 flyer with 4 pages


I needed to design a leaflet which was appealing, easy to read but contained a lot of information.



"Leela has designed two election leaflets for

Enfield Green Party that were in a different

class from anything produced by rival parties."


Bill Linton, Treasurer, Enfield Green Party



Rainton's Pageant Flyer


A5 Flyer

I did a lot of design work for Forty Hall and
Estate. This design follows the two-column
layout I normally used. However, the unusually shaped photographs were unique to this design.
MAA flyer


Infomation Design / Instructions


I needed to design a simple information

flyer fit for a variety of different situations.



"Leela has not only quickly grasped the

requirements for our leaflet, but has also

has shown a ready understanding of the

aims of the Campaign, which has made

it a pleasure to work with her."


Jean Robertson-Molloy, Founder Member

for MAA (Movement for an Adoption Apology)



Studio Forty Flyer


A5 flyer


I used a fun modern design to appeal to young people and children! I moved away from my standard Forty Hall's design template to make

this stand out.

Curbing the Car flyer


A5 Flyer, double sided


Leela's Freebies was a blog I ran in order to share the vector artwork I created for others to use...

Apple Day Banner


Large format advertising banner